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A Ghost Girl Spooks Drivers

Ghostly little girl spooks drivers in England's countryside

11:27am Monday 12th May 2008

A paranormal research group is investigating a spate of ghostly sightings along Oldnall Road, between Wollescote and Cradley.

Parasearch, which is celebrating 22 years of scientific investigation into the paranormal, is looking into claims that an apparition of a little girl has been spooking late-night motorists driving along the countryside part of the busy road.

David Taylor, chairman of the group, said reports have been coming in, suggesting the ghostly figure may have been the cause of several accidents along the road.

He told the News: "One person who had an accident on that stretch of road said he'd swerved to avoid a child in old-fashioned - possibly Victorian - clothes standing in the middle of the road."

"And then, after going into a hedge, he looked back and there was nothing there."

"So we would like to hear from anyone who has seen the apparition or anyone who may have information."

He said the group is also looking into the possibility that sightings of the unearthly entity could be linked to the area's nearby archaeological sites such as Wychbury Hill.

All reports will be treated in strict confidence. Witnesses or anyone with any information about the sightings can call David Taylor on 07505 323443 or email

By Bev Holder

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