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When I was 16 my father died in an accident. A few days later we had a house full of company visiting to comfort my Mom. She told my sister to take some of the company out to the 35 acres in the wood where we had a cabin to spend the night, as we did not have enough beds in the house for everyone.

We went in my cousins car, the headlights illuminating the distance ahead.  He drove down the long gravel lane to our property. We entered into the valley on the long, winding dirt road that skirted past a creek and pond. Going past a big tree, and we could see the cabin just down the road.

 The lights were all on! It was pitch dark, and there was the cabin with every light turned on, bathed in light.

"Someone must have left the lights on" my cousin commented.

Then another large tree blocked out the view of the cabin momentarily. When we had gone past this tree, the cabin became visible again, and we were only about 50 yards from it. We were all stunned to find that now all of the lights were off! Not one light was on !

So, who had turned on the lights and then turned them off as we approached in the car?

I think to this day that it was my father, who always enjoyed playing tricks with light. He used to turn off the lights on his teacher as a school boy, and he did this once at open house at my sister's school, much to everyone's embarrassment.

Yes, this certainly fit in with my father's character!

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