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                   October 21 2006
I watched this object through the binoculars for at least 5 minutes as it just hovered above. It seemed to change shape from a sphere to a diamond shape, then to a cylinder. ( see the full report at Eye Witness UFO Reports )



                                                                                                                                                                               November 2005


                                                                                                            Copy of DSCN1150large.JPG<~ enlarged

This next picture was taken on the morning of March 15th, 2006. I took the photo as I was walking through an area park. I would estimate that the object was no more that a few hundred feet up. I did not hear any sound as it went along the horizon.

                              copy of ufo306.jpg

                                                                                  April 2004

This ufo appeared to be rotating, and it hovered for about five minutes above my location. It then moved off to the southwest as it gained elevation.

                                                                                        May 2004             
copy 2 of dscn0412.jpg    This ufo has an unusual shape. It looks somewhat like a barbell.  It was moving south above my yard, and then made a sharp turn to the west. It was too high up for the outdoor home surveillance camera systems to get a good glimpse of. I was able to get a good shot of it with my digital camera and later made an enhanced picture to better see. 

                                                                                           May 2004                                        copy of dscn0416.jpg 
I call this one the barbell ufo as it has the shape of a weight used by weightlifters. This is the same ufo that is shown in the photo above.

The next picture is a color enhanced view of this UFO. This clearly shows that there are two bright luminous spherical sections connected by what appears to be a cylindrical section.

                          copy of DSCN0412.JPG
This report below is of a very similar object that is in the photos above: note the description of this object as a "barbell"

FALLBROOK – The witness was planting when he looked up at 4:11 PM, on May 1, 2005, and saw a white object shaped liked a barbell. It moving at a very slow speed for a large object and was about 15000-20000 feet up but made no noise

The witness states, “I kept watching as it became a very, very bright light almost a bright silver, much bigger than the object was before. Then as it changed shape it seemed to just vanish. It seemed like it didn't disturb the air. Two years ago on April I saw the same type of craft in the same area that was just floating, until a military jet approached, then, it just vanished. Thanks to Peter Davenport Director,

                                                                                                     June 2004                               
copy of 442.jpg  speedyUFO.JPG
I call this one the "speedy ufo", as it was moving rapidly toward the clouds that are visible to the right of the picture. It was going faster than any aircraft that I've ever seen in my area.

                                                                                                     April 2005

      Copy of DSCN1338.JPG This UFO appears to be a disk. It was directly above a high altitude jet, which is in the bottom center of the photo.

     Copy of DSCN1343.JPG This is another jet-plane/UFO photo that I took. The jet is located in the left corner of the picture. The UFO appears to be cylinder or cigar shaped.




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