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The picture below was taken on August 18, 2005. There were large jets circling the area where this UFO was located. 
The original photo shows a triangular object, and in the auto-enhanced photo to the right the object seems to have a large spherical light in the center, possibly with what could be flourescent or palladium rings surrounding it.

                                 81805large.jpg     81805.jpg

I took these pictures at night.  I was using a camera mount and slow shutter speeds for night photography. The ufo pictured below appears to have multiple sections. I took this picture July 2004.     

                                                               Copy of Copy of dscn00704.jpg                          

The ufo in the next three pictures was moving in a zig zag motion. I have seen this occur many times with this particular ufo. I am including this report that was made to NUFORC where the witness describes a UFO that appeared to "vibrate" or move in a similar way that is seen in the next three photos:

Florida - UFO Masquerades as Stars

PALM SPRINGS -- During a pool party at our house on April 3, 2005, at 11:30 AM, one guest remarked about the stars in the bright blue sky. Everyone looked and said it was the Little Dipper constellation. I said that you don't see stars in the daytime, much less one constellation. The eleven "stars" were very bright and 80 degrees north of us. I ran in to get my binoculars, and in the 30 seconds it took me to get back outside, some had disappeared and others were moving. I followed two heading southeast and saw a fuzzy capsule shaped object- still very bright. In the binoculars, it looked like it was "bouncing" and I told our guest so and she said it looked to her like it was going in a straight line. Another thing I noticed was that the sky around it was a deeper blue. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director,

The following  photo shows a UFO with this "dancing" or "bouncing"  type of  motion: Picture take August 2004



              Here is the UFO that I took a picture of on the night of June 23, 2004. I was outside with my camera at 9:45 PM. I saw a yellowish point of light moving out of the constellation Virgo a little to the west of the star Spica. I had my camera (a Nikon 4300 digital) on nightscape settings so this was a time exposure. I aimed the camera at the object, and I found it impossible to see in the viewfinder, so I took the shot by pointing the camera in the general direction of the UFO.

By the time the shutter clicked, the UFO had moved further north and was near the constellation Bootes. This image has been cropped and enlarged to show more detail. In the original image, which I still have, the UFO is smaller and there are several stars scattered throughout the image. The brightest star is probably the star Arcturas.

I am under the impression that this object was up very high, perhaps even in space. Since the sun had set about 30 minutes earlier, all the light is reflected off its westward facing side. This is an indication of the objects high altitude, as it is still able to get the sun's rays since it is up so high.


The picture below is a type of ufo which I have taken several photos. It will suddenly appear and become very bright, and I have seen it change directions rapidly. I observed this ufo come toward me and reverse direction in a split second, so I know that it is an unusual craft. I call this the "string of pearls" ufo   ( see the main page menu for the link to this page )

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