Ohio Grassman Encounter 

I grew up in Ohio, born there in 1953 at Newark where we had a two story house on the south side. It was 1963 when my parents purchased some land out in Hanover Township. It was 35 acres out in Eastern Licking County off Brushy Fork Road, at the end of Township Road 286,  not far from Black Hand Gorge. We called this land Twin Oaks for the two large oak trees at the head of the property.  My father made two fishing ponds on the land, and we had a cabin and camping trailer where we spent most of our summers.

It was the summer of 1965 when things began to get really weird down there. (continued below photo)

Photo of Twin Oaks in Licking Co. Ohio  1973 ( the twin oaks are at the upper left side of photo )

It was a typical warm, sultry, mid July night in Ohio. The year: 1965. I was 12.  My family was staying down at Twin Oaks as we did every summer since we purchased the property in 1963. My sister had one of her girl friends come to stay with us over that weekend. We went to town to buy groceries and then we picked up my sisters' friend.

Back at Twin Oaks, we had a delicious cook out; Dad made hamburgers over the open bar-b-que which was in front of the shelter house ( it was more like a cabin, but we always called it the shelter house ) The meal was accented with fire roasted corn on the cob and baked beans.

As it grew dark we all went into the shelter house to chat and play card games. It was around 10 pm when the girls decided to make the walk to the outhouse or "privy". There was a path which led to a dirt road; the outhouse was a few yards down the road, about 40 yards away. It was a very dark night with no moon. The girls went off chatting and giggling,  holding a flashlight. 

Suddenly we heard the girls running back down the path and they barged into the shelter house with a look of disbelief  in their eyes, excitedly telling us that they had seen something up on the road near the outhouse. As they walked down the road they heard something move some distance ahead of them, sort of a rustling sound, followed by a grunting noise. Their flashlight revealed a hairy creature, but the animal was fast, and it quickly darted away from them. 

My Dad and I went to go and take a look to find out what it was that had frightened the girls. We set off down the path, my Dad in front, followed by the girls. I walked in the rear. We continued down the dirt road, and as we passed the outhouse, I saw something moving up in the woods just towards the right of the privy. I stopped in my tracks and stared up the hill, where I could hear footsteps and the sound of breaking tree limbs. I was about to call out to my Dad and tell him about this, but no words would come out. I stood in a state of fear and could suddenly not even utter a word. I could see a creature up on the hill which walked upright on two legs, but it wasn't human. In the darkness I could only make out its shape: long arms and about six feet tall and very stocky. The creature pushed through the brush like a bulldozer, with super human strength. I was really afraid that this creature might attack us, so I did not want to tell anyone about what I saw.

Night of Terror

I did not want to tell anyone what I had seen because I was afraid that my Dad would want to fight this beast, and I knew that this creature would win any such encounter, and then it would attack all of us.

I did not sleep most of that night. Everyone else was sleeping soundly. I kept hearing noises outside. The girls slept in the camp trailer up next to the upper pond. My parents and I slept in the shelter house..

I heard footsteps all around and other strange noises. The footsteps were loud and heavy, like some huge beast was walking about out there in the night. I could hear branches of trees being broken, and a very loud cracking sound like a large tree branch was being hit on a tree trunk. There was also some shrill whistling, high pitched and short bursts of whew whew whew . . . My heart was pounding so hard that I could barely catch my breath. Then there was a loud bang. It sounded like a rock had been thrown onto the roof. I panicked and yelled ,

" Dad!"

"Just a walnut." my Dad said matter of factly, then went back to sleep.

I continued to hear the heavy footsteps outside and some animal like calls, screeching and grunting sounds. I began to fear that there were more than one creature, and by the sound of it there were several. This was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. I was in constant fear that these creatures were going to attack us and kill us all.

Another ten minutes of terror. Then the noises finally stopped. I fell to sleep. 

The next day, as I recall, no one talked about it much, except my Dad telling us that it was probably cattle. I looked for the tell - tell signs of cattle crossing our property, but I did not see any hoof prints. The fences around our land usually prevented stray cattle from roaming around our place. The footsteps that I had heard in the night were heavy and loud, and the stride was more like an upright creature. 

I did some investigating on my own to see what I might find. I did locate some broken sapling limbs and the tall brush was bent down in a few places. I did not find any footprints, the ground was hard due to the lack of rain. I found some purple elder berries strewn about on the ground near the south woods. It looked like some animal had eaten them and spit them out. 

Later in the day I went over the  hill to visit my friend. I told him about what I had seen and heard during the night. He said that he had also heard strange sounds and that his horses and livestock were acting nervous most of the night. The animals were definitely spooked. 

My friend and I walked back over the hill towards Twin Oaks. I continued to tell him of my fears of this creature, and I called this animal "the monster." We climbed over the barbed wire fence and crossed over some stepping stones in the creek which ran down the middle of our property. As we came into the open and headed up the field towards the shelter house, my friend suddenly became agitated. " I see it!" he shouted. "I see the monster!"

"Where?" I yelled.

"Over there!" He pointed towards the woods not far from where we had just been walking. Suddenly I saw the creature there. It was standing back in a dense foliated area. We saw there an upright standing creature, very tall and covered in fur. It really looked more furry than hairy. But the fur was long. Its face was mostly covered in fur as well, so we could not make out facial features. The creature suddenly extended its arm out of the foliage. It was a very long arm covered in long gray fur. 

We started to run as fast as we could. We ran all the way to the shelter house where we stopped and looked back to see if the creature were chasing us. It was gone. 

I never saw the Grassman again. I did find an unusual area in some thickets towards the lower end of the property. There were thick clusters of raspberry bushes there, very thorny, and I found a little narrow trail which went inside the thicket. There was a clearing inside which was constructed of flattened brush. It reminded me of a nest: circular, and about 15 feet in diameter. There was a canopy above made by the branches of small trees. This made a roof above the abode, and once inside it seemed like a room. I knew right away that this was made by some large animal. What kind of animal would want to reside inside such a well crafted room? The only animal capable of making such a place was possibly deer. But it would have taken many deer a long time to do this, it covered a large area. An animal with large feet could have made this shelter in a short time, stayed in there briefly, and then moved on.

My last experience with the Grassman happened later in the summer in 1965. My Dad and I went to town to buy some supplies and we were returning at dusk, and it was almost completely dark. We were driving up Township Road 286 when we saw my Mom and sisters walking along the road. They had fled Twin Oaks. As they got into the car my Mom said that as it got dark, they heard loud, piercing screams,  like a woman's screams, coming from the woods. The screaming so unnerved them that they ran away. In the descriptions which I have included below, one of the behaviors listed is that Grassman "Cries like a baby, screams like a woman. "  ( see below for reference )

Ohio Grassman

It is believed that the Grassman can make shelters. This demonstrates the intelligence of the creature and its ability to create shelter quickly as it moves across the land in search of food. A bee hive like shelter was found in Summit County. This was featured on the show MonsterQuest.  It was determined that this shelter was made by interwoven brush which could not be easily duplicated. ( photo )

The Grassman favors the deep woods well away from civilization, yet its wanderings often bring it into close proximity to urban areas and farms. Many sightings occur at night, but the creature may also be active in daylight hours. Yet it seems to me that its eyes, as described in reports, are adapted for night vision. It is difficult to say whether the animal is nocturnal, but its activities do seem to surge at night.


Grassman is unique in many ways in his own right. Consider this information which has been compiled:

Information on the Ohio Grassman

from  Christopher L. Murphy's web sitehttp://www.bigfootencounters.com/creatures/grassman.htm

Generally speaking, the Ohio "Grassman" meets the description of Bigfoot from other parts of the United States and Canada. The most notable differences between Grassman and Bigfoot are not in the creature's description but in its habits.

Grassman has been seen in groups of up to five individuals which might indicate it is more social than Bigfoot. Further, there are indications that Grassman "cooperatively" hunts deer and either uses caves for dwellings or actually constructs crude dwellings from forest material.

We have little information in these areas concerning Bigfoot. Finally, Grassman is very often seen on farms or near farms. This fact indicates that farms are a main source of food for Grassman ( often observed in cornfields )

Certainly, Ohio's highly agricultural nature is a main reason for this occurrence, howerer, Grassman has apparently adjusted his lifestyle to suit conditions in Ohio. Bigfoot, conversly, appears to rely mostly on non-cultivated food sources. 

Information from eyewitness reports:

* Height: Ranges from 5 feet tall to 10 feet tall; generally in the 6 to 7 foot range

* Footprints: Range from 10 inches to 20 inches long

* Weight: Estimates of 300 pounds to 1,000 pounds

General descriptions:

* Cries like a baby, screams like a woman

* Known to kill dogs

* Snub nose, peaked eyes, very chesty

* Often seen in corn fields

* Noted for breaking tree limbs

* Looks like a gorilla, but appears to stand straighter

* Strong odor

* Blackish-brown in color, long arms, pointed head, deep set eyes

* Bulky head, no neck, monstrous wide shoulders

* Growls or barks

* Unusual heavy breathing sounds

* Some footprints appear to have clawed toes

* Red eyes

* Some reports of white creatures

* Some prints pigeon-toed and flat-footed

* Shaggy-haired

* Long smooth brown hair

* Rotten egg odor

* Gray hair, large luminous eyes

* Coal-black hairy creature, like an over-grown gorilla

* Covered with hair except the palms of its hands; robot like walk

* Some prints are three-toed

* Throws large rocks

* Possible hand prints have been found

* Knocking sounds ( wood hit against trunk )

Grassman Sightings in Ohio and surrounding states




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