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When I was 15 years old we owned 35 acres of wooded land in Ohio. We had a cabin out there, where we stayed all summer. One bright and sunny August morning we were awakened by the sounds of a horse that was neighing loudly and frightfully outside the cabin. My Dad and I ran out of the cabin, and up on the dirt lane we saw this beautiful white stallion. He was rearing up on his hind legs and letting out the most frightening cries that I have ever experienced from a horse. My dad went towards the horse and tried to calm it, but it continued to rear up and cry out. As my dod got closer to the white horse, it suddenly reared up one more time and then turned and ran furiously down the road in the opposite direction.

My dad said, "Where did it go?" I looked down the road and it was not there anymore, Then I heard my dad say in a low voice " It just disappeared"......

The horse vanished without a trace, and we never saw it again. Now that was odd in itself, since our property was fenced in and we owned no horses. It was gone in a flash, and suddenly we did not hear a sound from it, when moments before it was crying out so loudly that it sent shivers down my spine. Where could it have gone?

And the mystery deepens.

That white horse was at the exact spot where one year later, my dad died from an accident, The following August he and my uncle were trying to improve the dusty lane, working on tractors. My dad was pushing gravel down the slope right in the same spot where the white horse appeared a year earlier. He lost control of the tractor and it capsized, critically injuring him. He died in the hospital that night.

The white horse.......was it a sign? A white horse is interpreted often in Biblical theology as a divine sign of peace. Since the horse was extreamly agitated, this must mean the opposite of peace. Something traumatic would happen. The horse was in the exact spot of my dad's accicent which occured one year later.

This horse came out of nowhere, and then disappeared. If if was a real horse, we would have heard it galloping down the road for at least a minute as it ran away  Instead , I remember that I heard its galloping for only a few seconds after it turned and ran away; then an eerie silence.

So I would conclude from this experience that this was a ghost horse. It  galloped off into the  early morning sunshine and vanished into eternity.

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