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9/1/2015 Dream - a large airliner crashes into a airport terminal building in a fiery crash

 I have had many dreams and visions concerning future events. Many of my dreams and visions have happened, such as Hurricane Katrina and 9-11 in New York City. Here is a documentation of my dreams and visions, and a description of the event.
3-23-17 delta wing stealth like plane, black smoke billows out of 2 engines, spirals out of control. High altitude

3-27-17 delta wing plane   space plane? delta wings fold down, glass enclosed teardrop shapped cockpit, U.S emblem on wing. parked in front of hanger. 

6 Oakland black

Vis: 2:28:017loading dock med lenght silver semi-truck trailer. cargo - bags blk powder

 Dream: Iran to mobilize against ISIS A major war will occur in Asia, possibly involving N. Korea, China, and Western countries.

 Dream: Another earthquake in Hawaii, a more severe earthquake, within the next several years, or earlier

 Dreams/Visions: A major earthquake in Los Angeles. This will cause widespread damage with possible high loss of life

 Dream: An earthquake will cause the Shasta Dam near Redding, California to rupture and break, causing flooding in the Sacramento River basin all the way to the city of Sacramento.
update: 2/13/2017 Oroville Dam? 
 Dream: The collapse of a major sports stadium during a game. About 1/8 of the stadium collapses. This will probably occur in the U.S.A.

 Vision: An explosion in the town of Hartford, Illinois. This may be from a refinery.

 Dreams: Major floods in the Mississippi River basin,in California, in France and Spain

Iran to declare war on ISIS
UNITED AIRLINES crash of passenger airliner not far from airport of major city, in urban area. Will happen soon.

7/31/2014 Dream:Extensive Flooding in Michigan and Ohio Dream: 1/24/2009 A large airliner crashes as it is landing in a major city, probably in U.S. The plane list to one side and then to the other side, then nose-dives into the city area and explodes in a fiery crash. There is a blue emblem on the tail of the plane, a grid pattern in an arching cone shape. United Airlines.

vis- terrorist bombs in cities in U.S. and Europe
vis- fire in skyscraper
Dream-stadium collapse during a sporting event somewhere in U.S.A.
Vis 9-28-2010 earthquake in wine country, near Napa, California soon
Dream 8-25-2010 Crop failures in Europe cause economic crises, perhaps collapse of world markets

Korea - vis black bull, flag ( black bull = agression) tensions will mount, possible war

Panic in the streets collapse of world markets

Vis 6/30/2009 Earthquake, N of Santa  Rosa, California - magnitude 7.0 to 7.8

Dream 2/26/2009 Earthquake San Francisco
war between N. Korea and S. Korea may happen anytime
Dream 3/21/2008 SAA MyDter Drm-Alert! A plane, possibly a drone, approaches a
satellite, possibly a military satellite, and crashes into it, destroying it.
Dream 2/2008 Trenton, NJ.  possible terrorism plot originates here, link to East Coast cities.  Dates: 2/26 - 3/31

Vision: 2/29/2008 South America. Columbia - mountains NE of Bogota. An event affects the entire continent, I see South Americaturned upsided down  EARTHQUAKE or VOLCANO ?


NAPA, Calif. (AP) 8-24-2014 --The largest earthquake to hit the San Francisco Bay Area in 25 years sent scores of people to hospitals, ignited fires, damaged multiple historic buildings and knocked out power to tens of thousands in California's wine country on Sunday. The 6.0-magnitude earthquake that struck at 3:20 a.m. about 6 miles from the city of Napa ruptured water mains and gas lines, left two adults and a child critically injured, upended bottles and casks at some of Napa Valley's famed wineries and sent residents running out of their homes in the darkness.

     MOSCOW (Reuters) – Space officials in Russia and the United States were on Thursday tracking hundreds of pieces of debris that were spewed into space when a U.S. satellite collided with a defunct Russian military satellite.

     The crash, which Russian officials said took place on Tuesday at about 1700 GMT (12:00 p.m. EST) above northern Siberia, is the first publicly known satellite collision and has raised concerns about the safety of the manned                 International Space Station.

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       CLARENCE, N.Y. ( February 12, 2009 ) – A commuter plane dropped out of the sky without warning and nose-dived into a suburban Buffalo house in a fiery crash that killed all 49 people aboard and one person in the home.It       was the nation's first deadly crash of a commercial airliner in 2 1/2 years.

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