Video of a formation of ufos near aerial military activity over Sierra Nevada mountains. Video taken from the Central Valley of California looking Eastward. The ufos appear to be pulsating or spinning around rapidly. The ufos are also aligned in a triangular formation, and this formation is maintained, indicating that the ufos are not balloons. With binoculars I observed near this area some launches of a rocket propelled vehicle which went straight upwards. All of these launch vehicles disappered as I observed, just faded away. That odd reflective white cloud in the center of the video is the exhaust from one of these launches. This may be an experimental space vehicle which our military is testing, and the ufos were there watching this closely. The launch system appears to be a duel rocket configuration, with a long cylindrical unit attached between the two rockets and extending above both rockets. I had been observing the launches with my binoculars and camera when the ufos suddenly appeared close to the launch activity. The launches often occur in the 9 to 10 o'clock time frame, and have happened frequently on Thusdays. I challenge anyone in the area with good camera with lense attachments to get out there and collorabate this activity. Look about 30 degrees above due east towards the Sierra Mountains, align between Modesto and Waterford.

Below: Still images from the video

 photo ufoformations_zpscc0566c1.jpg

One ufo slightly enlarged

 photo formation05-Copy_zpsbf76d21d.jpg

Below: Here are many exhaust trails left by the launch testing of the space plane in April  photo 2014april15038_zps5ada895e.jpg

Chemtrails made by launch vehicle(s) in June

 photo 5302014Activity073_zps4cd22170.jpg

Still image from video
 photo formation15-Copy_zps4430d8e8.jpg


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